Njet Njet 9 is a lively mini big band with a cheerful touch to making music. Their music is rich in arrangement, painting vast musical landscapes that range from nostalgic to futuristic. As band leader Ville Kyttälä puts it “Njet Njet 9’s music sounds like Zappa and Zawinul are playing tennis with Massive Attack at a Swedish summer cottage”. Easy going the music may be, but there’s still lots of layers to dig into.

Njet Njet 9 released their third album III in June 2020 and is now continuing their mission to open-mindedly mix genres and not take things too seriously. 

Current lineup:

Ville Kyttälä – Keyboards //   Martti Vesala – Trumpet //   Mikko Haanpää – Trombone //   Linda Fredriksson – Saxophone //   Ville Vannemaa – Saxophone // Pekka Seppänen – Saxophone //   Veikki Virkajärvi – Guitar //   Heikki Laine – Bass //   Erik Fräki – Drums

Helsinki-based Njet Njet 9 is a band known for their energetic live performances, whose sound includes a broad and joyful relationship of their members to music. Conducted by composer-keyboardist Ville Kyttälä, nonet music paints nostalgic and utopian imagery, and at its best, the music on Njet Njet 9 sounds like Zappa and Zawinul playing doubles with Massive Attack at a Swedish summer cottage. The band serves its listener with a multi-toned world of music, but under the easily approachable outer shell, however, new levels are revealed time and time again. 

Releasing their third album in June 2020, the nine-piece band stretches the boundaries of jazz music, combining fascinating elements from both electronic music and different world music styles – yet drawing on the jazz tradition. Njet Njet 9 captures its listeners and brings them safely to a happy ending through laughter yoga, dance therapy and unicorn therapy.