Tammela 33100 is a band from Tampere’s Tammela, an open-minded mix of Finnish rock, pop and folk, built around the married couple Jaani and Annaleena Haapasalo. The band’s theatrical storytelling is based in many ways on the people educated in life and their tragicomic problems. Lyrical and musical connections can be found in the music of Samuli Putro, Jarkko Martikainen, Ismo Alango and Kauko Röyhkä, for example.

In 2013, Tammela 33100 released his debut album Remember the Evening, which was recorded and produced by Tapio Ylinen and released by Eclipse Music. The album garnered positive reviews from listeners and also from a few music media (e.g. SUE 9/10). In the Twilight, Näppärä EP was released one song at a time during the winter and spring of 2015. The songs received an excellent reception, and they have collected radio plays on Yle Radio Finland, Yle Radio 1 and YleX, among others.

Tammela 33100’s second full-length album Towards Light will be released in January 2018. Jaani Haapasalo says of the album: “We had a couple of children in between, and the time to create new music has been under a rock. On the other hand, the peak years have provided quite a bit of fuel for those lyrics. In them, we dismantle our relationship trusts with devotion! The lyrics of the album were created at the worst time of the night, in the turbocharged Pendolino of the morning, on the way from Tampere to Helsinki. At first, this album was called Kaamos. Then as we began to reconcile this ensemble with the band, flashes of light and bold detachments struck here and there. The whole perspective changed: this was not a leap in the dark, but a journey towards light. ”