Finnish-Australian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Teri Mantere released his debut LP ”Everything Need To Breathe” in April 2020. With influences from folk-rock to prog-rock Mantere’s musical and vocal sound is a harrowing reminder of the late great Jeff Buckley. 
With roots in both Finland and Australia Teri Mantere is genuine multi-talent. He plays several instruments but is especially notable as a singer. Having released three EP’s of his own music (Simple Before in 2012, Songs For The Indecisive in 2015 and PART I with his group Manta Rays in 2017) 2020’s Everything Needs To Breathe is the first long play effort for this long time collaborator to many of Finland’s front row artists.

Atmospheric acoustic guitars lay the groundworks for Mantere’s top class vocals to shine. Indeed, if Jeff Buckley had ever had the chance to record an acoustic album, it might have sounded somewhat like this. In addition to his guitar and vocal stylings Mantere also shows his talents as a keyboard player and producer. When it is appropriate the intimate sonic space is flown wide open into the realms of space rock.